The History of Secret Art Garden

What was once an open corn field, now Secret Art Garden is filled with big trees and colorful flowers. Secret Art Garden is a brainchild of a couple whose dream was to create a manmade forest on an empty land. Over 20 years have passed; we now witness the great the result of their work, a manmade forest with more than 10,000 trees.

Unlike any other natural or botanical gardens, "Secret Art Garden" is where the hidden beauty of art lies. Within and throughout the garden, plants cover and enhance artistic details, sculptures and other artwork which are featured. The “secrets” hidden within the walls of the garden are like treasure hidden away from prying eyes or time itself.

Today, we hand you the key to unlock the door to a place where art and nature blend harmoniously. Secret Art Garden serves as the destination where families and friends can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature together with artistic influence and splendor.


Surindr & Uthisa Sonthirati (Founder and Creator of Secret Art Garden)

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    Secret Art Garden offers a variety of art activities suitable for both adults and children. Some of these activities include: Clay dolls painting at “Paint Me Studio” Folk Art Pai...

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    Besides western food, we also have our Thai restaurant where you will find delicious Thai food. Just to name a few of our specially: Kao Pan Ya Mo or curry rice balls served with c...

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    If you fancy a stay at Secret Art Garden, we have cottages hidden in big lush forest to cater your desire. We have options ranging from smaller rooms for two people to larger house...
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